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Consulting Testimonials

Since 2004, Pinnacle has helped small, medium and large businesses in U.S., Canada, Africa, Malaysia, Latin America, Mexico and Europe achieve unprecedented results in several areas of their business.

Mr. William Peck, Operations Manager at United Copper Industries comments, "Beyond achieving results well in excess of our objectives, the members of the team have learned a great deal about the power of the methods you taught us."

Here is what some other customers say about the impacts and results of Pinnacle’s consulting services:

Pinnacle has exceeded our expectations through its ability to rapidly access the current situation and develop a clear and thorough roadmap for restructure. Douglas is extremely satisfied with the progress of this project and we feel we will have an excellent blue-print for our future growth.

I would highly recommend Pinnacle Process Solutions for your system and process improvement consulting needs. [Click here to read full testimonial.]

David Beard, COO, Douglas Furniture, Mexico

Adil has shown himself to be a very effective Lean process mentor and facilitator, who is well versed in the principles of Lean, Visual Management, Kaizen, and the tools needed to support and implement Lean processes. Adil demonstrated skills as both a patient but demanding facilitator who steered the teams toward the pursuit and attainment of aggressive improvement goals.

Adil is very cognizant of the facility's in-place culture, and adjusts his style to best work within it to meet event objectives. Adil used his varied experiences with other organizations and improvement efforts to provide excellent real-world examples of improvement successes, both large and small, which enhanced our team's ability to see potential solutions to our own problems and wastes, and see beyond potential barriers.

We highly recommend that if you are considering working with Adil to assist with your Lean transformation, you take the opportunity to do so. He will be a valuable asset to your organization in this role. [Click here to read full testimonial.]

Reggie Goldsmith, Plant Manager, Pactiv, TX

I have had the opportunity to work with Adil Dalal several times over the last few months and feel I have benefited greatly from it. He is very knowledgeable and well organized individual who is very committed to Lean Sigma principles. He has demonstrated his leadership, coaching and mentoring skills during the events he has led at our facility. [Click here to read full testimonial.]

Brett Young, Lean Sigma Coordinator, Canfor, Rustad Division

Adil trained our Operations Department on the concept of Flow Technology. An excellent trainer, Adil gave training sessions to all employees on DFT and lean manufacturing. During the DFT implementation process, Adil recognized $400,000 in cost savings. The DFT implementation went extremely smooth as a result of Adil's project management skills.

DFT has led to very impressive results in inventory reduction, improved efficiencies, and improved product quality. We continue to see the benefits of this major project day after day.

Mark Lipscomb, Director of Human Resources, Stryker Endoscopy

Adil's greatest strength amongst all the other consultants that I have met is his ability to explain things in a way that operators and engineers can both understand and keeping the training fun. He was much better at explaining the Lean techniques to the team and used great examples and made training enjoyable. All other consultants have gone through slides like robots. Hopefully, other consultants can follow your example.

Manuel Franco, EPIC Production Specialist, Halliburton, Houston, TX

Adil has a very good demeanor that helps provides guidance in a humble manner. These are good attributes for this team considering where we are in the Lean implementation cycle. I felt Adil followed the expectations of the process better than other consultants. Did a great job, I know the team appreciated your guidance.

Michael Smiles, Global MCE Manager, McCain, Canada

Adil performed exceptionally and made the complex project of implementing DFT across our division look very easy. Under his guidance, we developed our very own software for managing inventory. He was very thorough and undertook the challenge of optimizing implementations using advanced simulation modeling.

By implementing flow manufacturing we have seen incredible results such as inventory reductions, overtime cost reductions, labor cost reductions and top quality manufacturing processes and material handling systems. These results would have been impossible to achieve without Adil's advanced knowledge and experience in flow manufacturing. [Click here to read full testimonial.]

Jeff Herr, Vice-President of Operations, Stryker Endoscopy

Beyond achieving results well in excess of our objectives, the members of the team have learned a great deal about the power of the methods you taught us. [Click here to read full testimonial.]

William Peck, Operations Manager, United Copper Industries, Inc.

This was an abbreviated Kaizen as only three half days were allowed for the event. Also, the number of true process experts on the team was very limited. However, Adil exhibited flexibility to the needs and constraints of the team and shortened event. His broad experience with Kaizens enabled this flexibility without sacrificing the effectiveness of the event. In my experience, Adil is rated among Top 5% of Consultants I have ever worked with.

Sam Wadsworth, Central Hub Lean Six Sigma Deployment Team, EDS

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